Von |15. Januar 2014|

Our trip to Africa was not like any ordinary trip to another continent. It led us to the residents of an incredible village deep in the outback of Kenya, where the people greeted us with warmth and friendship. We were there to make a film which we hoped would reflect the spirit of […]

Das Sahnehäubchen

Von |10. Januar 2014|

The most advanced TK Stick model from the new collection, the Platinum P1 (and P1 Plus Deluxe) has a revolutionary core that is a first for hockey. Instead of having the usual hollow core with a cross brace, the P1 has a sophisticated foam core. To make this visible we’ve […]


Von |3. Januar 2014|

“Introducing the first of TK’s short films, documenting the adventure of traveling across continents; TK WARRIOR”



Von |31. Dezember 2013|

Viel Arbeit liegt hinter uns.

Es wurde geschuftet, gefeilt, wieder verworfen, ausprobiert, getestet, gewirkt und gemacht und viel Hirnschmalz verbraucht.

Kritik und Ideen flossen ein, Schwachstellen ausgemerzt und im Detail optimiert. Und jetzt ist sie da:

Die Kollektion 2014/2015.

This […]

Das Gesicht

Von |31. Dezember 2013|

A new collection with a new presentation! The only way to showcase our brand accurately was by packing our bags, along with our new products and hitting the road, taking the camera with us on our travels to different continents. Capturing dramatic and moving videos from diverse cultures – a […]