Goa India

Following their adventures in Africa, TK travelled on to India in search of their Indian mascot, the distinguished Indian Elephant. The team said goodbye to their new African friends, packed up their gear and headed for Goa in the southern part of India.

They arrived at the resort of Sur La Mer and quickly infected the locals with TK fever! They were taken to the Elephant Farm and had their first encounter with the Indian Elephants, soon followed by an Elephant shower, fit for a Raj! An unforgettable experience.

The Elephant Farm in Goa works to protect Indian Elephants living close to their natural habitat.

From there the team visited local fish markets, beaches and sampled rich foods of the region. Not only did they succeed in their mission to meet face to face with both African and Indian Elephants, they had struck up unexpected friendships along the journey. From this they would take more than inspiration, the warmth and passion shared by people across continents.

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LA CARA DE TK: Alisha Popat
PELÍCULA: Justin Purefoy