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Par |28 mars 2014|

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Perfectly imperfect

Par |21 mars 2014|

Today we planned to show you the new TK Media webpage and also the new Facebook apps or tabs, however you prefer to say it. But there are still a few small changes ahead of us that need to be made, to present it perfectly. But now we are already […]

How to become a hockey star?

Par |17 mars 2014|

This is not an easy question to answer and there is no single recipe for success. And yet, our top players agree in some points: Hard work, fun of the game and passion are a must. Those who are not willing to spend hours on the pitch, in the woods […]

Fieldhockeygame on your tablet and iPhone

Par |10 mars 2014|

We are the proud sponsors of the Field Hockey Game™. It is the 1st Field Hockey Game™ App! It’s not “another ice hockey game”. It’s not “FIFA like” but it is a lot of fun and available worldwide and in your app store!
Go ahead and try out your skills!
Click here: […]

Hero Hockey India League – David Harte stepped to another world

Par |3 mars 2014|

David Harte, TK-Gardien de l'Irlande: "L'Inde Ligue héros de hockey a pris fin pour moi et quelle aventure il était! 6 villes différentes, beaucoup d'amis et de souvenirs, faites tout ce que j'avais espéré (barrer la maladie). Beaucoup de leçons de vie ont été tirés et en particulier à […]