TK P1 Plus Deluxe

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TK P1 Plus Deluxe

TK’s Platinum Sticks raise the sporting bar for those players that demand the best.

Setting NEW standards in technology advancement, TK’s state of the art Platinum sticks are built with a high Carbon Nano tube configuration, and Zero Glass fiber Rock Kevlar toe reinforcement. The new highlight of the two upper level Platinum Sticks is the foam filled core, a first in Hockey. Another impressive aspect of these sticks, is the use of DynanoTex Spread Roving technology. This is not only a dream, the technology is visible on the side of the stick, a chequer board look. This is the DynanoTex Technology.

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Product Description

Shape:  Late Extreme Bow

The lowest placement of the 25mm bow possible to produce the ultimate in drag flick performance. The most concentrated level of assistance of any of our stick profiles, the Late Extreme bow shape is fully concentrated on maximising drag flick consistency and aerial pass skills. Late Extreme bow for the ultimate drag flick performance and carbon rich specification for excellent power potential.

Technology: Dynanotex, Nano Technology, VGT, CCM, CDT

Material: 100 % Carbon
Lengths:   36.5″-39.5″
Colour: Gold