This is not an easy question to answer and there is no single recipe for success. And yet, our top players agree in some points: Hard work, fun of the game and passion are a must. Those who are not willing to spend hours on the pitch, in the woods and in the weight room will never be one of the best but that’s not all.

Here are special tips of those, who have made it. These need to be considered to turn it into reality:

Rassie Pieterse: “It is cliché to say hard work… It is standard to “work hard” if you want to be the best BUT to play with your heart and sole that is the key… The player with the most hunger is usually the most successful one.”

Tina Bachmann: “Take setbacks as challenge.”

Pilt Arnold: “Keep in mind that hockey is a team sport where you can only be successful with the team. So place your strengths always into service of you team.”

Luis Tavares: “Listen to experienced players – it helps a lot.”

James Bailey: “Make sure you get something out of every training session and if it’s too easy then it’s probably not worth doing.”

Craig Hailey: “Spend more time on the pitch and less time on the playstation.”

Hannah Macleod: “Listen to your coach and remember that deliberate practice is more important than play.”

Jacques Le Roux: “Identity will determine every decision you make. Ask yourself; How do you see yourself?“

Maike Stöckel: “Choose your own path!”

Taine Paton: “Listen to understand and not to answer.”

Mario Garin: “It all depends on you!”

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