The most advanced TK Stick model from the new collection, the Platinum P1 (and P1 Plus Deluxe) has a revolutionary core that is a first for hockey. Instead of having the usual hollow core with a cross brace, the P1 has a sophisticated foam core. To make this visible we’ve created a cross section highlighting the sticks foam interior. Here you can see the way that the stem edges are reinforced and have a greater wall thickness.

Due to the foam filled interior, a softer yet solid feeling is created during play and you’ll also notice the sound has changed. It behaves similarly with different ball types : Hollow balls to play harder than the cork Kookaburra ball, which is used internationally and a softer feeling conveyed. By the way, our new TK P1 Plus ball is now filled!

But back to the icing on the cake for our new stick collection. Engineered with carbon, our high-end sticks meet all the demands a player can throw at them, and more. Not only does it stand out with its visual design, its interior makes it the most sophisticated stick available on the market.

We are especially proud to launch our new high level sticks because they offer unprecedented playability.

Once again TK lives up to its name, supporting the sport of hockey through innovative new features and giving players the advantage they need to win.

Click here to the Platinum P1 and P1 Plus Deluxe.