Our trip to Africa was not like any ordinary trip to another continent. It led us to the residents of an incredible village deep in the outback of Kenya, where the people greeted us with warmth and friendship. We were there to make a film which we hoped would reflect the spirit of our brand TK. We searched for an encounter with a beautiful majestic African Elephant and from this adventure we met with warriors who live off the land with very little by way of possessions. We soon learnt that our initial impression was to be so wrong.

They have an incredible enthusiasm for new things, and were very interested to learn this new game ‘Hockey’. The whole village turned out to meet us, they were by chance the most colourful and beautiful film extras we could ask for. They impressed us with their patient, skilful and joyful demeanour. They truly have their hearts in the right place and possess things that you can not buy with money alone. We were so privileged to experience their kind hospitality. In overwhelming gratitude we left our game equipment with them and hopefully they will remember us, just like we do them.