David Harte, TK-Goalkeeper of Ireland: “The Hero Hockey India League has come to an end for me and what an adventure it was! 6 different cities, many friends and memories made, all what I had hoped for (bar the sickness). Many life lessons have been learnt and in particular to be very thankful for what we have. That is something I have come home with and will stay with me for a very long time!

We, Dabur Mumbai Magicians, finished off our last 2 matches with back to back wins meaning we jumped ahead of Kalinga Lancers and finished 5th which is testament to the hard work and constant belief the group had. All the hard work in our trainings paid off!

Personal highlights were 2 stroke saves and of course the victories and my Man of the Match award.

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) was by far my favourite city and hopefully I will be back there again next year to explore it and all the other cities further. Who knows if I am lucky enough again next year to be selected by a team in the HIL I!”

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