A new collection with a new presentation! The only way to showcase our brand accurately was by packing our bags, along with our new products and hitting the road, taking the camera with us on our travels to different continents. Capturing dramatic and moving videos from diverse cultures – a must see for every hockey player. But let’s tackle things one at a time. First we had to find somebody to go with us, someone who can take on the true spirit of hockey and become the new face of TK.
In our search for the right identity a whole host of questions cropped up along the way. Do we really need a face for TK? Isn’t it enough to have the elephants and Thomas Kille, TK’s founder? Should he, Thomas, proudly present the collection and does he even want to do it? Isn’t it enough to have a company profile and to stand for the hockey brand par excellence and for quality? Should our TK national players present our new range? But they only have a little time. And they already – on the do it so well on the field. So, are we after all looking for a new face for our campaign? Yes, we are. But who? A professional model? They don’t even know how to hold a stick correctly, let alone play! And how should she look? Hmmm, are we talking about a man? What hair colour and what kind of race? This person had to match to TK and our core ideas. Too many questions that seemed finding a solution almost impossible but finally we found the answer.

Alisha – a woman of power.

“Did I need to reach all the way to Kenya to touch a rising indie music talent for our campaign? No, but I am glad I did,” thought Thomas Kille. First he noticed Alisha Popat singing a Rihanna cover in a video produced by Devin Graham with Lindsey Stirling, the violinist who collaborated with Peter Hollens on the Skyrim video.
Meeting with Alisha was more than a pleasant surprise; it was an awakening.
“Of course I expected her to be nice, but what I didn’t expect from this 25-year-old singer/songwriter was her wisdom, grounded in a realistic understanding of her art as a profession and her true enthusiasm for my project.” She is an articulate, bright, charming professional with clear ideas and a perspective about the nature of her own country. She is also a committed humanitarian.”
Singing is her passion but Alisha is a model and a former hockey player. She grew up in Kenya and has Indian descent. With this she embodies the homeland of the elephant and with her energy and her particular nature she is an empowered woman, perfectly fitting to TK Hockey.
She has a Master’s degree in journalism and speaks English, Kiswahili, French and understands Hindi. She could easily launch an international writing career but focuses on singing. “My mum has always told me I was singing from the moment I could speak.”
“What you learn from growing up in this country is humility, patience and that Africa dances to its own beat. When the power goes out, just light a candle and listen to the birds and the bush babies outside and play the guitar. You begin to appreciate the smaller things in life, the value of life.”

Listen to her music here: