Samburu Kenya

During the summer of 2012, TK travelled deep into the wilderness in search of inspiration, to pay homage to its namesake mascot, the majestic African Elephant. In order to embark on this trip of a lifetime, the team packed a lot of hockey equipment, there was no telling what adventures they would come face to face with.

In June 2012 they arrived at the Elephant Bedroom Camp at the Samburu resort in Kenya, part of a protected national park that works to protect African Elephants living in their natural habitat. This was when the fun started, not only did the TK team meet the elephants at close quarters, they also did battle with local warriors, a Hockey duel with a tribe dressed in their traditional dress.

Follow TK on their journey across continents in search of Elephants, first Africa and next to India.

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African Production

PHOTOGRAPHER: Imran Zakaria Bagha

THE FACE OF TK:  Alisha Popat
 FILM: Justin Purefoy